Legal Frameworks for Feminist Advocacy


The legal ambiguity surrounding federal regulation of lobbying and political activities, following the Ontario Superior Court’s 2018 Canada Without Poverty decision, has been a significant concern for the charitable and non-profit sector. This module attempts to clarify some of the issues that may arise when feminist charities, non-profits and advocates try to operate within these shifting legal frameworks, with a particular focus on the Elections Act, the Lobbying Act, the Income Tax Act, and recent parliamentary discussions relating to the charitable sector.


Videos on legal frameworks for feminist advocacy


Readings on legal frameworks for feminist advocacy

Advocacy Regulations and the Election: Some thought on Political Activities, Elections Canada Rules and Lobbying Regulations

Mark Blumberg

Political Financing Handbook for Third Parties, Financial Agents and Auditors

Elections Canada

Canada Without Poverty v. AG Canada, 2018 ONSC 4147

Catalyst for Change: A Roadmap to a Stronger Charitable Sector

The Senate Special Committee on the Charitable Sector

Engage & Discuss

What law reform activities might be considered “partisan”, and therefore “prohibited activities” for charities in Canada?

Without government funding for equality rights related research and advocacy work, how might a non-profit organization without charitable status raise funds for politically charged law reform and advocacy activities?

What should the role of the state be in funding feminist dissent?