law reform 101
law reform 101

Are you a feminist who wants to reform laws and policies to advance women's equality rights?

Law reform is an essential component of the struggle for women’s equality in Canada. It is an opportunity to change laws and policies to better reflect the experiences, perspectives and realities of women in all their diversity. 

The National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) developed this open access course to equip law students and social justice advocates, activists and organizations with the skills and knowledge to engage in feminist law reform and advance equality rights. It draws on the expertise of feminist lawyers and others actively engaged in federal law reform to provide a tool-kit for pursuing systemic legislative remedies to advance this crucial work in Canada. 

While this course is primarily geared towards training the next generation of feminist law reformers, we hope it will also be useful as a template and resource for educators designing courses on feminist law reform and advocacy.

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This online course was developed with the generous support of Shirley Greenberg, the National Association of Women and Law Charitable Trust for Research and Education and Status of Women Canada (now Women and Gender Equality Canada), and based on the original course developed by Julie Shugarman and Martha Jackman.

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